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  • Buy or sell property without agents or brokers
  • Real estate without commissions
  • It's your money, we think you should keep it.

You don't need a real estate agent to buy or sell your home. Real estate agents charge too much. Last year they made $63 billion. With very little effort, and your friends at Property Pig™ you can do it yourself.

Property Pig™ is a site where sellers and buyers can find each other. We help you through the process of selling or buying property. Property Pig™ has everything you need: contracts, escrow and title services, mortgage lenders and the very best properties available. Take a little time, look around our site, you'll quickly learn how easy it is to buy or sell property yourself. And, if you have questions, please ask. We want to make your transaction as simple as possible.

Sellers – Don't pay commissions to sell your house. Save that cost and lower your price. For Example: Instead of paying $25,000 in commission, lower your price by $10,000. You'll still have $15,000 more than if you used an agent. Cheaper houses sell faster. Everybody wins.
Buyers take advantage of the Property Pig™ discount. Get more house for your money. It's common sense. If a seller using a real estate agent has to pay a 6% commission, that seller has to charge more. Buy direct and save.

Property Pig™ makes it easy for everyone. Our service is easy to use. Check the homes for sale or add yours to our list. We will coordinate your escrow, title insurance, loan and closing. We have people available to answer questions along the way. You can buy or sell your property. Our site will help you figure out what it is worth, and what it should sell for. Click the applicable box above and learn how to let Property Pig™ save you a fortune.

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